Declaration of interest

My other twitter account @georgettedaily has been posting declarations of love and proposals of marriage from some of my favourite Georgette Heyer novels.

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I realise that not everyone uses twitter (very wise, my friends, very wise. There be dragons!) so I thought I’d share the quotes on here. No attributions, so you have to guess which book. Enjoy! You can always put your answers in the comments, and as you’re a Georgette Heyer reader, I know I can trust you not to google.

  1. “I shall marry a wench out of a gaming-house with as much pomp and ceremony as I can contrive!”

  2. “You don’t feel you could marry me instead? Got no brains, of course and I ain’t a handsome fellow, like Jack, but I love you.”

  3. “I love you, you know,” he said conversationally. “Will you marry me?”

  4. “To be honest with you,” she said, with the utmost gravity, “I have been meaning to marry you these 10 days and more.”

  5. “You have never bored me.” He possessed himself of her hands, and held them firmly. “The only woman I have ever known who has never done so.”

  6. “Little one,” he said, very low,”since you will stoop to wed me, I pledge you my word that you shall not in future have cause to regret it.”

  7. “For years I never gave marriage a thought. And then I met you, and loved you, and found that I was thinking of very little else!”

  8. “I am trying to tell you that I love you, and all you will say is that I have beautiful manners!”

  9. “Will you marry me, vile and abominable girl that you are?”  “Yes, but, mind, it is only to save my neck from being wrung!”

  10. “When you smile at me like that, it’s all holiday with me! Oh god, I love you to the edge of madness!”

Answers now available here.