About the author

I’ve written all my life. My first story was called “She Told” and was strictly autobiographical, all about how my brothers and sisters were mean to me, and I told on them. That was pretty much it.

My grandmother was impressed and told me I could write, and apparently that was all the encouragement I needed.

I have a crime novel in my bottom drawer with a rather troubled amateur investigator heroine, The Advice Lady, which I’ll release  as an ebook fairly soon.

Meanwhile my current novel, Becoming Mary, is really and truly finished – you can buy it here for kindle. and here for NOOK too!

I have no pets. I have in the past had a dog Baxter, a cat Webster (P G Wodehouse fans may get the references), and a guinea pig called Sredni Vashtar (Saki fans may get the reference). I have a number of mice, but as I don’t like to cage animals, I allow them to run free all over the house and to feed on bags of pasta and other foods I have lying around. I also keep pet spiders around the house, and currently a single wasp.

My hobbies are Drop 7, Beethoven, nailbiting and twisting my hair, guilt and doodling.

I live with Motorbike Man, who would actually be my fourth husband, if only I’d had the good sense to marry them all. As it is, I only married the first one, the kids’ dad. The kids are rather mature now, and as far as I can tell, all right, though I am saving surreptitiously for their therapy bills later, as obviously it is All My Fault.


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